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Meisner Institute


A Research & Training Center for the Performance Arts

The First Exercises

Online Workshop for Teachers & Actors

Nov. 7-Dec. 12

Join us for six Saturdays where you will learn and practice the beginning exercises developed by Sanford Meisner. 


Meisner Training & Research

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Jimmy Carville - Executor of Meisner Estate

Scott Trost - Executive Director

A Note about the Institute

Learn how the Meisner Institute can help you

Please contact us below 1) to learn how the institute can help your work, 2) if you wish to become a member of the Institute, 3) if you want to become a certified Meisner teacher,4) if you wish to learn more about the services provided by the institute.


A Note from Meisner's Long-time Partner

"Sandy would be pleased to see his legacy carried on by the Meisner Institute. As executor of the Sanford Meisner Estate, I fully support and endorse the Institute's efforts." James Carville


"I am honored by Jimmy Carville to be asked to run the Meisner Institute. In his 60 years of teaching, Sandy Meisner invited 20 of his students to learn how to teach his approach. I was fortunate to apprentice as a teacher under one of these 20 teachers. The Meisner Institute's goals are to provide each student with a solid foundation of acting skills, to train the next generation of Meisner teachers, and, as Meisner did for 60 years, to find the best way to teach each unique actor." Scott Trost

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The Meisner Institute continues Sanford Meisner's teacher training approach through an intensive and progressive program. Learn the benefits of getting Meisner teacher training .


Sanford Meisner developed a step by step approach to help his students become professional actors. Look here to find classes from a Meisner teacher. For special discounts and access to the latest training tools, join the Meisner institute.



In 2016, the Meisner Institute began working with Chinese actors, directors and teachers in Shanghai. The Institute continues to expand its activities as China's first generation of Meisner teachers and actors finish their training.

The Meisner approach is taught by teachers around the world at many of the leading acting schools. The approach was developed by Sanford Meisner, one of the founding members of the legendary Group Theatre in the 1930's in NYC. He taught acting for over 60 years. Learn why his approach is one of the most effective approaches to learning the difficult craft of acting.

Meisner trained teachers are used for pre-production preparation, casting, on-set actor coaching, and by agencies and production companies to continue their actors' training. If you are a director, producer, casting director or agent/manager, learn how your work can benefit from the Meisner Institute.

The Meisner Institute is proud to support the efforts to translate books and materials critical to our understanding of Konstantin Stanislavski. The institute has focused its efforts on several authors and their work, including 1) Sergei Tcherkasski, Acting: Stanislavski  - Boleslavsky - Strasberg 2) Boris Zon, Meetings with Stanislavski and 3) Maria Knebel, Poetry of Theatre Training 

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