Teachers - Join our Family!

An international family that works together, shares innovations & best practices, supports each other. WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US!  

Top FIVE reasons to get teaching training at the Meisner Institute 
1) Learn a simple, direct, effective way to teach acting
2) Share best practices with an international family of Meisner teachers
3) Leverage the Meisner Institute to build your own career
4) Participate in institute competitions and productions
5) Legally use the Meisner name 

Two steps to becoming a Designated Meisner Teacher (DMT)

Step One

Apply for Admission

You must apply and be accepted for training. 

Step Two

3 Levels of Training

Complete the three levels of training (and then begin the real work). 

Level 1 Actor

Level 2 Teacher Trainee

The Meisner teacher training will help you develop your eye for truthful acting, help you understand the progression of Meisner exercises and help you adapt your teaching to each student's special needs. Once you have successfully completed this training, you are eligible to start your internship as a Designated Meisner Teacher. (NOTE: If you have already been teaching as a Meisner teacher, you may be able to skip this level.)

Level 3 DMT Internship

All teachers must do a one-year internship to complete their DMT training. The internship will be determined by you and your Meisner Institute advisor. 

The Real Work Ongoing Contributions

Teachers must continue to contribute their time and experience to helping strengthen the family of Meisner teachers, actors, writers and directors. Otherwise what is point of having an institute?

Experience, first-hand, the Meisner actor training. Once you have successfully completed the actor training, you are eligible to become a teacher trainee. (NOTE: If you have already done some Meisner training, you may be able to skip this level.)

Our goal is to train teachers who will continue to find innovative ways to teach actors while following the basic principles developed by Sanford Meisner. We try to be flexible in our approach to teacher training while maintaining the rigorous training required to become capable of teaching the difficult craft of acting. We welcome questions about the teacher training process.