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Why Get Meisner Teacher Training

The benefits of Meisner Teacher Training

LEARN A SOLID APPROACH TO TRAINING ACTORS In his sixty years of teaching, Sanford Meisner followed principles and developed exercises that led to the most effective, simple and direct approach to actor training. The goal of the Meisner Institute is to help acting teachers learn and apply the principles that Meisner followed.

ACHIEVE GREATER LEVELS OF MEISNER TEACHING EXPERTISE The institute supports your continued training through your teaching career. Participation in this training program allows you to use the Meisner name in your own work. 

LEVERAGE THE EXPERIENCE OF OTHER MEISNER TEACHERS The institute provides workshops and conferences where teachers can share their own best practices and learn the latest innovations from other Meisner teachers. 

USE THE INSTITUTE AS YOUR MARKETING PLATFORM The institute helps you spread the word in your community about your classes. You are allowed in all your work and marketing to use the Meisner name.    

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Below are the steps to start your training.

Step One

Join Institute & Apply for Admission to Training Program

You must join the Meisner Institute and apply and be accepted for training. 

Step Two

Earn Teacher-in-Training status - TNT

Complete the five training modules to earn your teacher-in-training status. 

Step Three

Become a Designated Meisner Teacher - DMT

  • Earn Teacher-in-Training status - TNT.

  • Complete one year of Meisner teaching or apprentice for one year with a Meisner Teacher.

  • Successfully pass a competency test at a Meisner Institute Teacher Workshop.

Step Four

Become a Meisner Advanced Teacher MAT

To become a MAT you must:

  • Earn Designated Meisner Teacher (DMT) status

  • Complete two years of Meisner teaching.

  • Successfully pass a competency test at a Meisner Institute Teacher Workshop

Teacher Training FAQ

Do I need the permission of the Meisner Institute to use the Meisner name in marketing myself and my school?

Yes, the Meisner Institute is the only organization permitted by the Meisner Estate to authorize teachers and schools to use the Meisner name in their marketing. There are laws that protect a person’s estate from the unauthorized use of the person’s name. If you have been using the Meisner name in the marketing of your program, you should contact the Meisner Institute and discuss. The Institute’s goal is to help you continue your work and to support your efforts but you must get permission to continue using the Meisner name in your marketing.

I have been teaching the Meisner approach for a long time. Do I need to go through more training to become designated?

Please contact the Meisner Institute and let’s discuss. We understand that every Meisner teacher is at a different stage in their development as a teacher. As stated in above, the Institute’s goal is to help you continue your work and support your efforts.

I took a Meisner teacher training before and was certified as a Meisner teacher. Is that certification still valid?

Please carefully review your certificate. We believe that it only certifies that you completed the training course and says nothing about calling yourself a “Certified Meisner Teacher”. The Meisner Estate has never given permission to anyone to “certify” Meisner teachers and has never given anyone permission to call themselves a “Certified Meisner Teacher”.

Our goal is to train teachers who will continue to find innovative ways to teach actors while following the basic principles developed by Sanford Meisner. We try to be flexible in our approach to teacher training while maintaining the rigorous training required to become capable of teaching the difficult craft of acting. We welcome questions about the teacher training process.