Meisner Institute Membership Benefits

The Meisner Institute – Your home for safe truthful joyful acting - the real deal
Sanford Meisner spent 60 years finding the simplest, most direct and most effective way to teach his students how to act. His approach has been so successful that now teachers around the world use the “Meisner Approach” to teach actors.

Make the Meisner Institute your home if you are an actor, acting teacher, or a director. We are your training center for performance arts. The goal of the Meisner Institute is to provide actor training and teacher training that gives you the best tools and support to help you realize your dreams and to create a family of fellow seekers of truth.

Sanford Meisner and the other great acting teachers of the 20th century pointed us in the right direction and took us on the first steps towards truthful heartfelt acting. The 21st century is our opportunity to and carry their tradition forward, to refine and advance it. Our research center for performance arts is our commitment to this responsibility.

The first step is to become a member of the Meisner Institute. Read below to learn more about the benefits of membership in the Meisner Institute

Membership Benefits


  • Discounts on all institute workshops, books, videos and other items.

  • Special discounts for actors when you train at one of the Meisner Institute member schools.

  • Special discounts when you participate in one of the Meisner Institute classes & workshops.

  • Discounts for participating in Meisner Institute competitions.


  • Free audits of all Meisner Institute classes & workshops.

  • Free access to all Meisner Institute special events.