Meisner in china

Meisner Institute begins training actors and teachers in Shanghai

In 2016 the Meisner Institute was invited to the Shanghai Theatre Academy to introduce the Meisner technique to China. The first group of acting students finished a two-year Meisner class in the spring of 2019. The first group of Meisner certified teachers will finish their training in 2020.

Leaders in the Chinese entertainment industry are recognizing the value of Meisner-trained actors and beginning to look for opportunities to bring this work into their film and television projects.

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Meisner first generation

First Meisner class completes their training

In 2019 the first group of Chinese actors finished a two-year Meisner training program. Several of the actors are already working professionally in film, television, and on stage.

Meisner second generation

Second Meisner class begins training

In 2018 the second group of Chinese actors began their Meisner training. They successfully completed their first year of training and will start their second year in the fall of 2019.

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Meisner teachers first generation

First Chinese teachers begin Meisner training in Shanghai

In 2017 a group of Chinese acting teachers began the Meisner teacher certification process. In 2020 they are scheduled to become the first Meisner certified teachers in China!

Meisner Tibet

First Tibetan students study the Meisner technique

In 2019 a group of Tibetan actors use the Meisner technique to sharpen their audition skills.


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