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About Us

We train actors, directors and acting teachers
The Meisner Institute promotes, around the world, the training of actors, directors and acting teachers following the principles developed by Sanford Meisner. It’s primary goal is to find the most simple, direct, and effective ways to achieve this training.

We are a community
The Meisner Institute is an international community of like-minded people who share this goal. We support and learn from each other. We share best practices. We continue to research, to experiment, to innovate. 

We are inclusive
We reach out to the communities of other acting techniques and styles. We support their work and look to find how their work can inform and improve our own. 

We are creators
We know that the best way to learn is to create. We sponsor and support theater, film and TV productions and festivals around the world.

Scott Trost

 Executive Director

A Note about the Institute

I am honored by Jimmy Carville to be asked to run the Meisner Institute. In his 60 years of teaching, Sandy Meisner invited 20 of his students to learn how to teach his approach. I was fortunate to apprentice as a teacher under one of these 20 teachers. The Meisner Institute's goals are to provide each student with a solid foundation of acting skills, to train the next generation of Meisner teachers, and, as Meisner did for 60 years, to find the best way to teach each unique actor. Scott Trost



Jimmy Carville

A Note from Meisner's Long-time Partner

"Sandy would be pleased to see his legacy carried on by the Meisner Institute. As executor of the Sanford Meisner Estate, I fully support and endorse the Institute's efforts." James Carville